Inspection Lash Mirror

Inspection Lash Mirror
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Our inspection lash mirror is an important tool to have during eyelash application. If you seek to create flawless looking eyelashes, we highly recommend you add this eyelash extensions mirror to your lash technician's toolbox.

Eyelash extension mirror provides an absolute view from all angles to ensure clients' lashes are styled flawlessly and correctly!


Check all angles of eyelash extension set before, during and after application. There are many times when an eyelash artist has applied the set, but it looks completely different when the client opens their eyes. Sometimes it is hard to see from the artist’s angle. This mirror can help to ensure proper placement and shape of every eyelash extension set. The shape can be monitored during the eyelash extension set, helping create the perfect and flawless looking lashes for your clients.


Occasionally, a bottom lash can slip out of the gel eyepatch or tape without you knowing. Making regular check-ups with the mirror will help ensure that no upper and bottom lashes are glued together. When this happens it can be painful for clients when they open their eyes. This will allow you to detach any stickies prior to clients opening their eyes.


Using our lash mirror to see every angle, ensures proper application, and see the shape of your set will most definitely make YOU the best eyelash extension artist of them all!


Item Specific:

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Measures: 6” (inches)

Our lash mirror can be sanitized in UV sanitizer


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