Lash Strip Pallet Ring

Lash Strip Pallet Ring
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 Lash Strip Pallet Ring Perfect For 3D+ Volume Fans Lashes Eyelash Extension

This eyelash extension pallet ring holds and fans out 3 to 4 strips of lashes. Easier to access lashes for faster application. If you apply 3D+ technique application, this ring is perfect for you. Makes it easier to grasps several lashes at once already fanned out at tips and base close together.

Ring is the base of the lash pallet. Attach lash pallet to ring. Can manuever any way for your convenience.

Extra V-shape rings can be purchasde in another listing. See V-shape ring listing for info.


Choose Options:

1) Lash Pallet Ring Set Includes: x1 Lash Pallet & x1 V-shape Ring 

2) Lash Pallet Ring Set + x2 V Rings Includes: x1 Lash Pallet & x3 V-shape Ring 





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