Pink Single Sphere Disposable Mascara Wands Brushes

Pink Single Sphere Disposable Mascara Wands Brushes
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This single sphere can be used for numerous things.

Use this brush to help in the removal of extension. Apply remover to brush and brush over lashes making sure that every lash is coated with remover. Wait a few minutes for remover to take effect and brush of the extensions. This brush will also work well if you only need to remove 1 or 2 extensions.

Small bristles are great if you need accurate precision. Our dense bristols easily brushes through natural lashes to straighten any unruly lashes before application. A perfect gift to send home with your clients so they can manage their lashes between touch-ups.

 If your customers love to wear mascara with their extensions, use this brush to remove any residue that's left from their mascara.


Type: Single Shere

Color: Pink Bristles / Black Handles

Measures: 3 3/8" Long


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