Protective Glue Pallet Stickers

Protective Glue Pallet Stickers
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 Are you tired of cleaning your jade stone or crystal pallet?

 When you use these stickers, you no longer have to clean your pallet or replace it from glue erosions.

 Use these stickers on your glue pallet and it will keep your glue from drying up to 6 hrs.

 When application is complete, all you have to do is wipe with a paper towel.

 You can reuse the sticker over and over again, until it wears out.

 Just peel and throw away, simple as that.

 To make it economical and more easier, cut stickers into 4 pieces and just peel and toss after each use.

 Another must have item that not only saves you time but money also.


Choose: Square Or Circular Stickers


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